Highly accomplished arts administration profession recognized for my entrepreneurial nature and ability to effectively assess operations with a highly creative approach towards strategy, planning, institutional growth, community relations, problem solving, and managing complexity.   Experience includes commercial, non-profit, and educational theatre with skills in both presenting and producing.

  • Administered a $20 million capital campaign while raising annual contributions of nearly $750 thousand.
  • Administered six record-breaking annual fundraising benefits.
  • Maintained, unassisted, all financial/payroll functions for $2.3 million organization.
  • Administered the acquisition of New York City real property through raised funds, a bank loan, and government funding.
  • Transitioned organization to a Professional Employment Organization for improved and expanded employee benefits while reducing overall payroll-related expenses.
  • Developed and improved good working relationships with Broadway theatre unions, in time of transition.
  • Instrumental in helping to grow and streamline theatrical presenting markets from 26 to over 50 during a time of rapid growth through repeated merger and acquisition.
  • Arranged and coordinated engagements for over one thousand commercial theatre playing weeks in over fifty markets throughout North America with total gross sales exceeding $500 million.
  • Administered the staging of twenty-three Off Broadway theatrical productions, a reading series consisting of over thirty-three readings, as well as other arts engagement endeavors.
  • Design and implementation of corporate–wide tools for tracking ticket sales, marketing expenses, and engagement settlements, which were eventually translated to other corporate divisions and well received by the touring industry.
  • Transitioned from in-house ticketing/fundraising software to low maintenance retail software to expand and improve functionality and reporting while maintaining entire system in-house without external assistance.

Also, an genuine, energetic, collaborative, and consensus-building leader who is focused, diligent, hard working, and sincerely committed to personal and professional excellence.  A quality-oriented and action-driven leader with comprehensive knowledge of the industry with hands-on experience in all aspects of arts administration with an eye for detail, and the passion, motivation, and vision required to accomplish the mission at hand.